Social Media and Business Marketing

social media and businessIn the last few years shopping online has become a standard for most people and that experience has become more social. Social Media and business growth are connected today in so many ways. People share their shopping interests on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and now some of these social media applications offer ways to buy directly from posts. These new buying behaviors create more opportunities for ecommerce to grow your business.

Social Media ecommerce is expected to represent 5% of online retail in 2015 which equates to $14 billion in revenue by the end of the year. Larger retailer are aware of these numbers and have invested large portions of their budget to social media marketing. Smaller businesses can also take advantage of social media and direct more interest and business to their website. Here are some strategies to consider.

How or what are the ways social media can improve your business?
Brand Recognition: This is an opportunity for you to expose and increase your visibility. New customers can be found through posts and news feeds making your business more familiar and recognizable.
Brand Loyalty: Consumers are very loyal to brands and they will become even more faithful when connected to the brand by following them on social media.
Conversion Opportunity: The more posts out there about your product or business allows for the opportunity for new customers to convert to you.
Brand Interaction: Interacting directly with your customer base is good practice. When consumers are happy with your product or service they will brag on social media. This will bring more value to you and attract new customers.
More Traffic and SEO: The more content you post to social media, the more people you will attract you your site and the more new customers you will introduce to your business. Google is now recording these interactions and calculating them as part of your search engine rankings. So interacting with consumers allows your brand more credibility and visibility.

social media and business
Now that you see the benefits of social media and business marketing, here are some strategies to follow:
1. Get Personal Engaging with your customers improves brand loyalty and recognition. Suggesting followers to not only comment but to share your posts strengthens your connection to your customer base.
2. Customer Service Always stay on top of positive and negative comments and try to respond to customers within a 12 your window.
3. #Hashtags Useful and relevant #hashtags are good practice for increasing your connection and visibility to consumers.
4. Mobile Sites Make sure your website is mobile friendly and responsive. More and more customers are using their mobile devices: phones and tablets to shop online.

These are just some examples and techniques to improve your business and bottom line using social media.

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